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Summer Explorations in Engineering Design

This summer FTL families and students in Riverside County through SEED program. FTL partnered with Engineering for Kids this summer. Families received scholarships from FTL to enroll their students in a math based robotics and gaming program. Click the link above to see the variety of programs offered this Winter season. FTL promotes all STEM related after school programs. Engineering for Kids encourages students to apply themselves in school and explore future career opportunities.

They serve the Riverside County areas.

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The Great Outdoors

Times have changed. Families today are often too busy to enjoy their surroundings. Cell phones and hand held electronics have gotten our full attention.

What happened to good old fashion 'play' outside? "Hide and go seek!", "Tag!", "Kickball", "Street Football games", "Climbing trees", "Exploring a Canyon", "Hop Scotch", Marbles, "Two and Four Square." The list goes on!

FTL encourages community members to enjoy activities in their own environment through our Scholarship Program.

So often, families are unaware of what programs are available in their community. FTL promotes families to participate in community activities that promote the preservation of the environment, the arts and physical fitness.

Families can fill out our application to qualify for scholarships to various community activities which may involve, fine dining, plays, cultural events, and outdoor activities.

We also provide financial support through our scholarship process for involvement in youth sports.

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These are the programs we support: 

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The Earth Project 1-2-3

There is only one earth in our solar system. How can we save or improve the planet? The earth project program gives students and community members understanding in the conservation of earth's resources. It teaches habits that are beneficial to our environment in the areas of energy, water and waste management. Families and students learn how to first: Notice the needs of their environment. Second: Care that your

environment needs to improve.  Last: Develop a plan on how to solve the problem to save the planet! Families will learn that community collaboration is essential in achieving successful results.

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  • Reduce the use of ENERGY - What's your carbon foot print?
  • Using WATER more efficiently (Less) and effectively!
  • Practices that reduce waste volume in your household.

We partner with environmental programs for kids and families to give more extensive learning and show the importance of the field of Environmental Sciences and Conservation. This program was proven effective in 2009 in Ghana Africa with a group of junior high students. The planet includes all of us.

Helping your Planet helps YOU!!!

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Visit Southern California Edison's website on energy conservation alternatives and support for low income families HERE. Edison's Energy Saving Tools Click Here.

The Global Conservation Initiative Program